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Virtual Dates: Here Are Some Of The Best Ideas

The pandemic has drastically influenced a lot of things, including our idea of dating and our ability to go on dates. Online dating has gone from being able to come across new people and perhaps meet them for coffee, to being entirely online.
So how do you keep your dates refreshing and fun while also following all the essential safety protocols and staying indoors? We’re here with a few fun ideas for virtual dates that aren’t just fun and happy, they will also open the doors to a lot of fun conversations between you and your date. After all, why stick to just text messages and pictures?

Bring back mixtapes

There was a time when mixtapes were the coolest thing you could do for another person. For those out of the loop, a mixtape is a select collection of songs recorded onto an audio cassette or a CD. In today’s world, cassettes are seen as prehistoric. Instead, get that Spotify playlist out! From simply putting all your favorite songs together, to making specific playlists for specific moods and days, sharing music can be pretty intimate and personal.
Bonus tip: Amp it up from just songs! Memes, vines, videos, short films, make a pile of your favorite everything that you can trade with each other.

Collaborative internet-ing

The internet provides more than enough options to make for a fun yet insightful evening with your date: Take a personality quiz, play a game of scrabble, check out some pop-culture trivia quizzes, or push it all the way to a game of truth-or-dare! Couple any of these ideas with getting your date on video chat to fill up an evening with laughs, banter, and a lot of fun. Your imagination is the limit.
Bonus tip: Invent your own challenges! From fun dance-offs to rap battles and more, depending on what your vibe is.

Mimic real-life dates

Wanted to go on a dinner date? Get on video chat and bring out that bottle of wine. Want to take your date to the movies? Why not do a movie marathon on a watch party instead! The internet and the ability to chat with others brings with it the power to be intimate and have fulfilling conversations without being right next ot each other.
Bonus tip: Of course, this idea extends beyond movies and dinner – Musicians have moved on to Instagram live concerts, museums are now offering virtual tours, and standup comedy has moved to Zoom.

Do virtual house visits

Meet and greet the pets, do a house tour, or simply stay on video while cooking or sharing a drink, and watch conversations flow!
Bonus tip: Extend it to double dates, reading clubs and more! It all comes down to what you want to explore, and what you already enjoy.
We’ll admit we’ve used the availability of videos a little too generously here, but that’s because at Pavo, we’ve made the one app that truly understands how much more expressive videos are over just pictures and a self descriptive wall of text. Try it out right away!
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