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The Dos And Donts of Writing A Bio For Your Dating Profile



Be vague about your expectations.

Different people have different reasons to be on the app and making yours clearer instills confidence and reciprocates clarity. Don’t write something ambiguous like “Looking for something interesting and fun.” Tell people precisely what you expect from the app.

Spam emojis

Emojis are not a form of communication in themselves. They’re an aide for what you’re already trying to convey. Filling your entire “About” section with emojis is not just pointless, it’s also annoying enough to quickly get unmatched every time.

Throw in measurements

Don’t drop your height. Don’t post how much you can bench. Don’t tell people your college scores. Dating apps are all about letting your personality reflect, and unless your entire personality revolves around some form of measurement (which is a sure way of turning people away from you, by the way), don’t use up space on your bio for these numbers.

Be too vanilla

You can’t impress everyone, so you might as well own your taste confidently instead of trying to be diplomatic on your dating profile. Instead of being someone who listens to “all kinds of music”, be more straightforward and tell people what exactly you’re listening to right now. The judgmental ones will always be there. But that shouldn’t make you question your own confidence.


Be expressive

Write all about what kind of person you are, what you are looking for, and what your hobbies and tastes are. If nothing else, it’s great fodder for conversations and ice breakers for the other person, and you can use it to reciprocate their questions and build on the conversation from there.

Reference yourself

Is there a standout physical feature? Perhaps you’re too tall or have a sharp nose or such. Make a reference to it yourself. Posting a photo of yourself and passing off a comment about it shows that you’re willing to poke fun at yourself. Plus, if infused with humor, definitely makes people stay at your profile longer.

Add a quirk to your profile

There are way too many questions you can pick for this (“What’s your secret superpower?”, “What are three things about you that sound fake but are true?”, “If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?”). But add the responses to your profile, and get creative with it.

Be witty

Remember how we said feel confident enough to poke fun at yourself? Overdoing it would make you look bad. The fine balance between straight-up writing an entire standup routine on your profile and being too bland is key, and that’s where wits come in. Use wisecracks and change in tones and the perfect words to constantly make the other person giggle, even if not guffaw.
Let us know if you have any dating profile tips of your own! And as for our suggestions, try them out yourself on Pavo.
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