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Online Dating And Artificial Intelligence: What Are The Pros?

We are in the era of digital love. The online dating industry has seen a rise in diverse kinds of dating from traditional, long-term, short-term, hookups, queer, friends of friends, and much more.

By 2027, the dating app users worldwide are expected to reach 440 million, almost double compared to 240.9 million in 2016.

With such an incredible increase in dating app usage, companies are trying to integrate modern technology to deliver an extraordinary user experience to the masses, thus, giving a more meaningful approach to dating.

But can tech improve online dating experiences? Can AI help people find love?

Well, let’s uncover how AI can innovate dating and make its contribution to reshaping the dating industry.

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Matchmaking: AI to help users find more compatible partners

As we know by now, any online dating application or portal asks for users' basic demographic details like gender, interests, location, age, etc. to store the information to get the best matching results for ideal partners.

And once the results are out, people have to scroll down to several profiles and search and sort among those. Here AI saves users’ time by giving personalized recommendations suggesting relevant profiles, conversation starters, and date ideas. It presents users with potential matches that have a higher likelihood of compatibility. Further, conversation starters help in initiating a conversation facilitating engaging and stimulating dialogues. And date ideas guide users in planning their virtual dates and real-time first date as well.

Encourage users to know each other well

Certainly, if a person has plenty of options in a pool, one will not be able to make a serious relationship, considering if things don’t go well with one, he/she can switch. This scenario makes dating more of a time pass rather than building a healthy bond with the person, and not everyone on a dating site is here to just pass on their time.

In this case, AI can help. Acting as a virtual assistant, AI can communicate with people for some time and know them better before introducing them to their match. The main motive is to introduce a participant one at a time, thus, allowing individuals to learn about each other and make informed decisions about whether to stick or move on

It can further help guide people through the matching process by offering advice, arranging calls, etc.

Improve in-app experience by minimizing unsolicited content

Even though every website has policies and principles pre-defined to maintain the integrity and respect of individuals using the platforms, many do not play by the rules.

Abusive content, and online stalking, are annoying byproducts of popular dating sites and apps. To provide an enhanced, female-friendly in-app experience, AI filters content associated with sensitive topics and detects rule breakers that practice such things frequently.

Private detectors within dating websites and apps identify unsolicited content with almost 100% accuracy and warn users before opening such information.

Secure online dating space

Data privacy and security are essential for any web application or website. Companies concerned about cyber threats have integrated Artificial Intelligence to minimize spam and fraudulent attempts practiced via dating portals.

Using AI, the apps/websites can confirm whether the uploaded photographs are original, real, and current. AI algorithms can make out whether the pictures are altered or morphed or the real ones.

Applying for the anti-spam programs within the apps, AI-enabled programs can automatically and semi-automatically recognize spams, scams, and fake profiles and enables individuals to be aware of such facts and spammy profiles.

Furthermore, AI can be used to curb catfishing in the profile verification process and examine user activities to establish whether the person is genuine and trustworthy.

Artificial Intelligence is used to advance and modernize online dating, keeping in mind the misuse and malpractices run over internet dating sites. Well, many companies have overcome the challenges related to online dating, augmenting the power of technologies. Pavo is a dating app that fights for its users’ hearts and security simultaneously.

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