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Long-Distance Relationships: Is It Worth Taking That Leap?

Long-distance relationships are often underestimated and considered challenging by a maximum percentage of couples but one can say that they can succeed if a series of parameters are met.

Distancing in love can cause troubles and involve a series of difficulties that may include the absence of physical contact, communication gaps, the feeling of loneliness, insecurities, jealousy, and much more but as per psychology bonds built through a distance can even be of better quality at least in certain aspects.

And the actual truth is that only those who have lived this experience know that when you love, no distance can separate two hearts.

The success of Long Distance Relationships depends on different factors:

  • Time of separation
    As it's not easy to live apart for long and it's not the same to separate for months than a few years or even indefinitely.
  • Distance between couples
    It is that in some cases a trip of a couple of hours is enough to be able to meet again, while in other cases there is an ocean in between.
  • Stage of the relationship
    A bond that has just begun, in which the commitment is still weak and the need to be physically present with each other is essential, is not the same as one that has been consolidated over the years and that already had a common project before the separation.
  • Maturity in the dynamic
    The maturity of the involved participants plays a significant and fundamental role in the continuation of such a type of love partnership because empathy, emotional stability, and a great deal of clarity are required to strengthen it being separated.

These are crucial segments that need high focus to carry on a long-distance relationship for years.

People always say that love from afar is for fools, for idealists who believe that the other is faithful to us and loves us unconditionally, that we should wake up and realize the reality: that he/she must be with someone else.

On the contrary, some couples reverse the trend by understanding each other and giving personal space at times and believe a positive attitude towards distant relationships helps nurture and strengthen love.

People around the world who have experienced building such links agree that some relationships are worth fighting for. So what makes long-distance relationships worthy to be carried on? Let’s highlight the reasons given by real people who have managed to hook up for long periods of being separated by geolocations.


When Together, It's Much More Special

When it finally comes time to get back together physically, after so many months of keeping love alive through endless online conversations and late-night phone calls, nothing can replace that moment that is much more satisfactory and eternal.

Individuals say spending time together again is wonderful; they don't take anything for granted. They learn to enjoy every second, to value every detail because they know that it is fleeting. That mixed feeling can be best described as wonderful and painful, all at the same time.

Borders Create Problems But Can Be Resolved

If you love someone with all your being, living in different places will not defeat the great love that is felt. The distance will not destroy it simply because the power of their bond doesn’t allow it.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. It crosses boundaries and has no lines of limits. The distance can feel like stabs through people’s hearts from time to time, but they know it's worth the pain as long as they're together.

Giving Space Keep Things Fresh

A long-distance relationship allows you to have that fair share of space and being alone at times helps you value the independence that each partner needs. Although sometimes it feels like too much space; nonetheless, it is an essential part to maintain a healthy long-distance bond. Offering space indicates maturity and ensures that the duo has the advantage that neither of them will be that annoying couple who wants to spend all day with each other. Giving space to a partner in a relationship strengthens trust and loyalty and enables your relationship to breathe.

Whether it's dating from a distance or building and continuing bonds over the internet, love is the factor that bridges souls. And finding love is made so much easier, convenient, and amazing via online dating applications like Pavo, which helps you communicate remotely and build connections around the world adding a tinge of fun and entertainment altogether.

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