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How to Have Free Flowing Conversations On Your First Date

You only get one chance to introduce yourself, and if you miss it you might not create the best first impression on the person you’re going to meet. We hardly get a second chance to change our image so one has to nail that first interaction be it a first date or a business pitch to your boss.
Science says, “Our First impression of people is 76% accurate and sometimes these accurate judgments are made within 1/10th of a second.”
If you are an introvert and think that you might bore an individual who meets you for the first time, keep reading! We have a few tips that will help you stay in a smooth conversational flow with absolutely anyone.

Your Initial Conversation Must Have Intent

Have a conversational context in mind so you don’t go quiet after the first few ice breakers. If you are meeting your date for the first time, even if you have texted quite a bit, chances are your dialogue might come to an awkward pause pretty quickly. Don’t be directionless when talking to a stranger. Instead, show confidence when you meet people by prepping a few topics or questions beforehand.

Stay Casual

Within a few seconds of seeing someone, their body language communicates a lot. This fluctuates when you approach them further and your conversations hit different topics. Before you even start a conversation, keep an open body language:
  • Keep your hands visible
  • Wear a charming smile
  • Make eye contact when greeting and conversing
  • Dress comfortably

Open Questions Lead To Longer Conversations

If you are on a date, and are afraid that the conversation might come to a standstill, pick up on the last thing you discussed and open up a question that goes on a tangent. If the other person asks you a question instead, avoid answering it in one word, and instead give them a crisp answer that leads on to another topic. Remember, “How was your day?” is only an interesting question if it’s not met with a curt “Fine”. If the other person answers in a single word, you can either move on to something else, or ask a follow up question that will change verbal full stops to simple commas.

Encourage Reciprocity

Reciprocity in conversations is important, especially when talking to someone for the first time. When someone asks a question, more often than not they hope you ask them the same question too. Additionally, it adds volume to the conversation and keeps the question-answer game going until you hit upon a gold mine of meaningful dialogue. Finally, it builds trust with the other person by showing that you’re willing to open up a little more while expecting them to do the same.

Find Sparks

To keep the conversations going and bridge the gaps between smooth interaction flows, look for conversation sparks. Charismatic people often do so by bringing up topics that light up the mood of the other partner and get him/her excited.
Spark the energy via bringing funny ideas or interesting viral content, orient your questions and intention around eliciting sparks this will help you continue the communication flow and avoid directionless chit chats and lulls.
Questions that add spark targets to trigger a body chemical called dopamine that makes an individual feel excited and engaged. So trigger the dopamine catalyst by asking exciting and intriguing questions to make the interaction a joyful one.

Captivate with Stories

Stories are a great way to fuel conversations but mind it long-long stories can be sometimes annoying.
Stories can be sharing past life experiences where something went happy, sad, or funny. Make sure while you recite stories, the other person leans in, gets engaged, and is captured, instead of feeling bored and overwhelmed.
Remember, do equal talking and listening by asking for other person’s stories as well, the reciprocity rule.
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