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How to End Conversations Kindly While Dating Online

One would agree that it is much easier to get into a conversation than out of and when it comes to online dating where most interactions start with texting, every message prolongs the conversation, but when you become silent, it is treated as rude.

Online dating is based on the two critical criteria of accepting or rejecting a user profile and rejection is one of the most awkward experiences witnessed by someone who genuinely showed interest in a person.

Nobody likes rejection and wants to bear the pain of this bad news. It’s okay if someone doesn’t feel like talking to a person who they met online via dating apps or websites and then it may appear to the individual that they shouldn't continue their conversations.

But is there a way apart from ghosting that can handle the situation best and let the other person understand the reason for ending their conversation appropriately?
So here we will discuss how one can end a conversation with someone gracefully without making them feel uncomfortable and sorrowful.

Ways to End a Conversation with a Partner in a Graceful Way


It is seen usually (from both men's and women's sides) that people hardly care about leaving and ending a conversation abruptly and didn’t even realize the traumatic impact it can leave on the other person.

Well, such situations can be handled maturely where all that is required is a sense of calmness and courtesy, rather than leaving your partner with a ghosting experience while dating online.

Spell Out the Reason(s) with Clarity

The best thing and the first thing to do is to describe your situation and express your emotions, explaining the reason why you want to end the relationship or connection that you build with your partner.

It is better to say something rather than nothing at all and leave the other person in a situation of surprise or experiencing ghosting. Make it easy for both of you by confronting which will make you comfortable and light at heart later on.

Be Polite and Be Firm

Next, when you have made up your mind to discontinue the communication with your match and you are never going to see/talk to that person again, it doesn't mean you should be obnoxious or rude at the time of giving reasons to them or before leaving.

It's better to let someone down politely. Moreover, if separating from your partner is your final decision then be firm to declare it, and be clear with your final say but in the most appropriate manner.

If Your Values Don’t Align

Sometimes it happens that after spending some time online, either via dating apps or portals, you realize that things between the two of you aren’t working well. In the beginning, many people in excitement give time to building relations, knowing about each other, etc. but later when going back to the normal schedule, they start to realize that their compatibility is not up to the mark.

You might face issues with the other person where he/she might feel the same. So try to talk to each other and discuss what’s not working and end your connection on mutual grounds understanding each other and the related emotions. Let each other know that your values and ideals are no longer compatible and end it together.

Accept That You Have No Control Over Their Reaction

People today are open-minded and have broad thinking. Even if a majority of individuals will accept you to end your connection and be normal with it, there might be some who may react unexpectedly and express huge disappointment with your decision.

At this point, you need to understand the feelings expressed by the other person and try not to overreact as there is nothing much you can do about it. The reaction from the other side is genuine and more natural which can be handled with maturity and calmness.

A Few Examples Would Be:

  • “I am glad and appreciate the opportunity to get to know you but I don’t feel we make a perfect match so I would stop it here and not continue pursuing this any further. All the best.”
  • “It's better if we end our conversation right here as I don’t think it's going anywhere. But I enjoyed your virtual companionship and getting to know you.”
  • “I think we are not on the same page and have different opinions so we should separate and discontinue.”

It's not bad to end one relationship and start another with someone but it is crucial to end that connection on a good note without hurting the sentiments of any person. Online Dating is meant to build bonds where people can even find their life partners while enjoying every love experience.

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