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How To Avoid Ghosting Someone When Dating Online

Ever since dating took digital grounds, a lot of transformations have been seen in the ways people carry on their relationships and dates. Where earlier dating was limited to a few people, presently, it has been made accessible to individuals of all ages and has facilitated them to explore virtual dating from across the globe.

Modern dating has rendered a myriad of advantages to the populace; nonetheless, one cannot ignore scary definitions brought to dating by the concepts of ghosting, zombie-ing, etc.
All these describe the bad behavior of participants who are involved in online dating and leave experiences that are painful in practice. Let’s talk about ghosting, in particular, see what it looks like, and get aware of how it can be avoided while dating online.

Ghosting in Online Dating


It is usually seen that when two participants are busy dating, sometimes one among them disappears and stops talking for no reason. They start ignoring and suddenly cut off communication when individuals are romantically involved in a relationship. This is Ghosting.

Ghosting refers to when a person with whom you were maintaining contact or relationship, which is usually through chat or social networks, suddenly stops talking to you and disappears from your life as if they were a ghost.

It does not tell you why, nor is it justified, nor has it warned you before. It just disappears without more. It can start with a message or call that you don't get an answer to.

On occasions when we have feelings involved, a person upfront would tell you what is happening. On the contrary, when someone ghosts you, he is not facing his emotions and tries to reject you in the worst possible way.

In a relationship, when someone practices this, it causes the other person to suffer emotionally and can become traumatic for some. But there are ways how ghosting can be avoided while dating over the internet and stay away from this painful process.

How Can Ghosting Be Prevented?

As such, there is no particular way to get rid of ghosting as it depends on a person’s psychology, how they take relations and whether they matter to them or not. But a probable way to avoid it is to keep clarity about your match and the comfort you feel with your partner.

Be transparent and have mutual clarity about each other as well as the relationship you have so that none of you treat each other as an option. It is recommended to share in advance the features you look for in a perfect match and what you expect from your partner to bridge the love bond for a significant period.

This also encourages building meaningful love relationships among individuals that tend to be carried for long and gradually end up in marriages.

Furthermore, make your decision early on a person’s perspective and personality with whom you connect and ensure that the true reason for your decision is communicated clearly and in an understandable way.

This will also avoid causing the situation of you becoming a ghost.

Why Do Some People Ghost?

The feeling of rejection or someone breaking up with you can be a situation that is difficult to accept. Trying to turn the page is a painful process for anyone. But surprisingly, people give different reasons to dump their partners and practice ghosting intentionally or unintentionally.

Some say that they don’t want to explain why they do not want to see someone again or continue to connect with them. It might be they started losing interest in them over time or had nothing left in their relationship to be worth carrying it further.

Next, an accountable number of people also confessed that even though they felt uncomfortable rejecting the other person, they believe that it's less harmful to disappear rather than straight-out reject an individual. So they preferred ghosting.

A personal recommendation:
It is better to experience the short, intense pain of rejection than swim in the ambiguity of not knowing if someone is interested in you or not.

Ghosting is one of the reasons why people get disappointed in online dating. Therefore, it’s important to avoid it to let people witness a pleasant experience of dating. Being ghosted can bring one’s confidence down, but it's not the case with Pavo.

Pavo is an online dating application that helps save people from explicit probabilities of rejection by finding them an ideal match and allows people to meet beyond their immediate social circles, facilitating fun, entertainment, and safety altogether. Download the app and experience dating differently.

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