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Creative Ideas For Online Dates

The dating apps are transforming the way people people find, interact, and know each other. The online sphere of dating looks more like immersing users into virtual dating world full of infinite matching options and entertaining dates, enjoyed from the comfort of their abode.

Meeting individuals in person is entirely different from meeting over a video call and can be a bit overwhelming at the start; however, coming up with some unique and fun ideas can turn the good mood on.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or are temporarily distanced from your loved one or you have initiated a chat with a stranger, we have you covered with some awe-engaging online dating ideas.

Top Ideas Curated to make your Online Dates Entertaining and Engaging


Take a Personality Test Together

Taking personality tests together is a great way to cheer up moods in the most interesting manner, especially, when your relationship has just started to mold.

Many options for tests and quizzes are available online that boost to build your bond via expressing thoughts and views about yourself. Further, it helps both the partners to indirectly know each other and their respective preferences to build a strong foundation of the journey to be taken ahead.

Know Each Other Deeper via Spotify

Well, tech advancements cannot not only be seen in the tech sectors, despite they surprise us unknowingly when we come across them via different platforms. Spotify’s Group Sessions feature is one such tech development that plays a role in connecting people from any nook and corner of the world blending it with full of fun and entertainment.

You can:
  • Share songs with your date/partner while listening to them
  • Take your conversations deeper and more meaningful by sending prompts requesting to play a song. Say, ‘play a song that reminds you of me’

Take the Love Language Test Together

This is certainly a practice to do with dates to keep up the zeal and continue to maintain the fire between you and your chosen partner.

You can find such quizzes online, take one and share answers question after question and see how specific answers you get to the love-related questions.

At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll get the love language test score that indicates the level you have reached in your love lifecycle. If it works out for you, well and good, but you get unexpected results, take the apology language test next ;-).

Exercise a “List Party”

Make some top five or top ten lists that have theme-related questions. This is a practice to know personalities better, their mindset, their likes and dislikes, your engagement level, and much more.

After creating the list of a specific theme, take turns giving an item from the list in reverse order and see where you both end up on item no.1 on the list. Some list topics could be ‘Top 10 Web Series to Watch over and again’, ‘Top 5 Actors you inspire the most’, etc.

Play “Podcast”

If you love listening to podcasts, why not try playing them with your love partner. Pick a topic you want to talk about and start with it with an audience of one as you speak while the other listens.

This is something interesting and one of its kind and adds value to both of your time while hearing views of one person on a topic and making out a perception over the same. Analogous to it, you may also conduct talk shows and get into the flow of discussions, views, suggestions, etc.

Arrange a Fancy Date Night

This fancy idea may seem immature to many but works well with people who are in love and want to fulfill their desires to go on a lavish date night to get some relief and comfort. What if in-person meet-ups are restricted, connect with your partner virtually via the video call feature made available in the dating apps.

Pamper yourself a bit, wear a black tie, put on some makeup, dress in your favorite outfits, and hang out virtually setting up a cool dinner night environment in your proximity (a few lit candles, jazzy playlist, if not a bottle of champagne, prefer keeping juice) and send surprise food orders at respective locations and eat together in front of the camera.

Play Online Games

Playing online games together never gets down on rendering a full entertainment package. There are tons of online gaming platforms that possess not only one but hundreds of games to be played online at one place as per the interests without keeping any geographical restrictions.

Get your mood fueled, and get closer via excuses of wins and failures while playing.

Mail a Care Package

To make the other partner feel special and remind them of you and your care towards them, is one of the effective ways to accomplish your desire.

Send personalized and customized care packages like delivery of bouquets, a boozy delivery of hard drink bottle(s). This helps the other end partner to know your intent of care and arouses special feelings for you.

One can also get creative with a curated theme of vacation-in-a-box, say packing all the necessary items to take on a Hawaii trip and celebrating your virtual vacay together that can be turned into a next real couple getaway.

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