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Can Virtual Reality Change the Way We Date?

We all agree that our everyday lives have been transformed by different technology implementations in different aspects of our lives. Whether you take gaming, marketing, entertainment, software development, automobiles, or any possible segment, there is a touch of technology that can be witnessed.

This is true even for online dating, where meeting people, communicating in real-time, and building love bonds have been revolutionized by technology whether you in a different city, state, country or even on a different continent.

Audio and video features in dating applications have become pretty normal. But surprisingly technology is yet to add virtual reality tools to change the face of e-dating.

“Online Dating Services to add Immersive Techniques to E-Dating!”

While dating applications give access to more people to hook up online, they are working up to their services to improve online communication and make them seem more real, thus adding an immersive experience.

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Virtual Reality in Dating!

Virtually Dating proposes a curious date that simultaneously combines a face-to-face meeting to share different scenarios and situations in worlds created with virtual reality (VR).

Virtual Reality in dating allows people to socialize in the virtual space uniquely. VR tends to invoke ‘presence’ which is the feeling of being close to the person in dating. Though video calls over dating apps, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc. result in great trust and satisfaction; however, VR dating will achieve this to an even greater extent, thus creating limitless spaces to interact and unique experiences for people to witness and share.

To experience VR dating, individuals will go through a scanning process that will allow them to create digital representations/avatars that give them a virtual identity in the virtual world of dating.

These avatars can add up to fun VR dating experiences where people can choose to be realistic about their looks or experiment with their personalities by traveling across time, trying underwater scuba diving, making voyages to space, and much more beyond imagination.

Dating virtually will propose to individuals who do not know each other but tend to do so, meet in a room, and get connected through the use of sensors and VR equipment. They will be allowed to maintain physical contact via accessories that will take them to different (in-built) situations in virtual settings.

People with their digital representations can get connected to the viewer and sensors where each one can adopt other characters too and go through different scenarios, from the living room of a house to a walk on the Moon, thus, experiencing dating in a virtual environment.

Dating app service providers are enabling the creation of dating groups that can set virtual blind dates between members, VR simulation apps help men develop their dating skills, and long-distance relationships are made more real-time offering an amazing experience of interacting virtually.

Furthermore, eHarmony reports that users will be seen to go on full-sensory VR dates by 2040.

Digital dating experiences created through virtual reality can be as powerful as in real life and can foster attraction in a low-risk way. As VR technology has engaged users in other spheres of work, it can be very useful in communicating and establishing online relationships from the safety of an individual’s space.

“Until now, with all the channels there was a distance, in VR you are inside”
– Edgar Martin Blas, New Horizons VR

Dating in VR has endless possibilities of exploration and uniqueness and offers ease to people facing troubles with long-distance relationships. Virtual Reality is here to enhance the dating experience and not replace it.

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