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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Dating Life

The twenties are a great time in just about anybody's life. Life seems full of hope, opportunity, and with it comes a great potential for finding love. Unfortunately, people in their twenties make a lot of avoidable mistakes when it comes to their relationships. Here are five of the most common misconceptions you might have:

1. You put too much emphasis on your career

While the professional side of things is definitely important, pinning your dating activity on the next promotion, or making it dependent on your work schedule can be dangerous. No matter how high you climb the corporate ladder, passing up on the best years of your life with someone special (and possibly future) is not a worthy sacrifice. With a partner, you have someone you can share everything with, including your work life. Finding someone special ensures that you can always celebrate your successes (or deal with the tough days) with them.

2. You refuse to break away from your routine

Singles in their twenties are usually full of life. Constantly making plans, hanging out with friends, joining clubs and classes, and whatnot. But what happens when someone cute comes along and your routine is too packed to make room for them? Imagine making a plan our scheduling a regular activity (like a gym subscription or an art course) for every day of the week. That kind of rigidity will leave you with no time for your dating life, even if you are looking forward to it, or you will be left weighing out the pros and cons of postponing or canceling your date versus actually going on one.
It’s ok to break away from your plans sometimes and put your relationship on priority. Otherwise, while you are busy postponing for another week, they might be on the path to finding someone less busy to take interest in.

3. You are playing too many games

We no longer live in a society where one needs to go by the three-day rule or any of the other games young people sometimes play. If you like somebody, and they like you, then show it. Trying to “stay cool” or “play hard to get” or force yourself into being someone you are not, even if temporarily, is not going to keep someone around unless they weren’t too interested, to begin with. It is only going to push them away.

4. Letting your friends influence your decisions

People often associate their thirties with inner peace and a sense of calm, almost as if to signify that they have finally figured themselves out, which is why the excitement of the prior decade needs to be made the most of. Be the thrill-seeker you want to be. People will always have opinions about everything but would you rather take a chance with someone you feel special about, or listen to what your friends are saying and live with a constant “What if?”

5. You put an age on major milestones

Don’t ever try to put a number on when major life milestones will happen. Life can never be planned to the T. As ideal as your plan of “marrying at 35” or “moving in at 28” might seem, life doesn’t work that way. Postponing your romantic life only to start looking for someone when you are close to hitting your magic number is simply a way to drastically reduce your chances of finding someone at all. Always keep your options open and never try to time life, because for all you know, you might be too distracted with your bigger dating plan to notice your partner standing right in front of you just because they don’t fit your timeline.
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