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3 Most Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Your First Date

First dates can be tricky. As exciting as it can be, the minutes ticking down towards the first date can also make one incredibly anxious. However, at its very core, there are only three, rather objective things you need to keep in mind and give your comfort level a headstart.

1. Prep some ice breakers

Browse through some really cheesy pick-up lines, a few interesting questions, and a funny (funny, not dirty) joke or two. This helps get the conversation rolling and build on the opening line’s momentum. Even if the joke doesn’t work, you can still have a laugh at how hard it bombed and ask the other person if they can do better. But most importantly, it shows how confident and easygoing you are, making you a lot more approachable.

2. Spend time on your appearance

Dress for the place and the occasion. Look your best, and if you’re unsure what your best is, ask people for help. Your friends and family (or anyone whose fashion advice you respect) can give you an honest opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Refresh your wardrobe, look well-groomed, and most importantly, own your look with confidence.

3. Understand the conversation

In most cases, conversations become just two people waiting for their turn to talk, instead of listening to each other and building on opinions and ideas. Understanding the dynamic is important, and the best way to impress someone is to show them how attentive you are when they’re speaking. This shows that you care about them. Remember that a first date is essentially an opportunity to know someone better and learn more about them. And as bad as the idea of one person doing 90% of the talking may seem, even in that scenario, you don’t want to be that person.
Let us know if you’ve got more tricks up your sleeve that we may have missed out on. Or try our ideas and tell us how well it went! For more blogs about dating, subscribe to our newsletter. But for more chances of a first date, check out our app, Pavo.
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