True connections happen in real life.

Dear Pavo Users,

We tried every dating app. And we hated all of them thanks to fake profiles, spam bots, the need to swipe your screen a thousand times as the app throws up one random profile after another with nothing in common with you, and just an ocean of pictures and text walls to wade through. Getting to the first date seems like an obstacle course thanks to all of these app inefficiencies and at the end of the day, you’re spending more time texting or swiping on your phone than actually meeting someone, which is why we built Pavo.


Pavo is a video-based dating application that aims at making dating Apps what they were promised to be: a tool that helps you discover new people around you safely and easily. No more letting people swipe on you based on just your pictures. No more wading through a ton of profiles to find one conversation partner. And most importantly, no spam bots or fake profiles — just real people. Just start with a hi and get the conversation flowing with the right person. Try Pavo today! We’re all about being less online, and more dating.



The Pavo Team